Assisted Living

Home automation can allow people with disabilities to be more independent.

Middy’s Technologies have designed and implemented a wide range of robust and cost effective solutions to allow control of your environment to assist seniors and people with disabilities.

Imagine controlling your entire home with a hand-held or voice activated remote.

Our Smart Home solutions can:

  • Change the thermostat temperature.
  • Arm and disarm the security system and check the status of each zone
  • Unlock and or open a door
  • Turn lights, appliances and fans on and off
  • Dim and brighten the lights
  • Control all of your audio/video equipment
  • Open and close window blinds and curtains
  • See and talk to visitors at the front door without going to the door
  • And so much more

Creating a ‘scene’ allows a group of actions to happen at once. For example a bed ‘scene’ can be executed from one menu choice or button that causes the lights to turn off, the security system to arm in night mode, and the TV to turn off.

Disabled Living Case Studies

Aged Care Case Studies

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