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6 x Different Short Courses conducted on campus at two different locations in Melbourne. The Open Cabling Registration course is the first and primary course recommended, Registered Cabler's can then add Cat5 and other endorsements to their registration.

Available Course Modules include; OPEN Cabling Registration, Combined Endorsement (Structured / Coaxial / Optical Fibre), IP Networking, Optical Fibre Intro, as well as Cert III TelComms. Integracom has been delivering industry-leading technical training to the telecommunications and security industries for over a decade.


Training Courses:

1 OPEN Cabling Registration
01-asgAn Open Registration is the first and primary course a student should undertake if they wish to work in the Telecommunications industry as successful completion, and the relevant industry hours, will enable a student to apply for an Open Registration with one of the five registrars to legally work in most areas relating to Telecommunications cabling.
2 Combined Endorsement (Structured / Coaxial / Optical Fibre)
02-asgThis Structured Cabling Endorsement Course (SCS) is a competency based course that will allow a technician to obtain an SCS endorsement on their Open Registration Card. It is a prerequisite course for technicians who wish to install structured cabling in commercial buildings for Computer and Telecommunications Networks including but not limited to Category 5 and Category 6 UTP. This course also suits Security Technicians who install UTP cable as part of a network for IP CCTV (FYI: course cost is per endorsement).
3 IP Networking
03-asgThis training course has been designed and developed to take a Technician or Electrician through the technical requirements that are needed to install IP enabled devices onto an IP Network or ADSL Circuit. The course content is developed to help a technician understand the concept of Network Terminology.
4 Optional Fibre
06-asgThis Optical Fibre Endorsement Course (OF) is a competency based course that will allow a technician to apply for the Optical Fibre (OF) endorsement on their Open Registration Card. The course covers the principals of fibre transmission and technical skills such as field installable connector installation, manual and fusion splicing.
5 Cert III in Telecommunications
09-asgICT30213 Certificate III in Telecommunications is the ideal course for new and existing technicians, installing specialist cables including CCTV, alarm panels and building management systems.
6 Cert III in Data & Voice Communication
11-asgUEE30411 Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications is the ideal qualification for technicians and electricians who wish to upskill in order to take advantage of emerging technologies associated with the NBN, smart wiring installations or commercial based IP systems.

Course locations:

  • Location 1:
    Tullarmarine, Melbourne
  • Location 2:
    Clayton, Melbourne

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