NESS Training Course

NESS Training Course

This training course will cover both a Product Introduction module 1 and a Technical Product module 2.


Jason Absolom - NESS Product Engineer
8.30am – 2pm
Middy's Smart Centre
Unit 14/214 Wellington Road
Clayton, VIC 3168
Courses held regularly throughout year
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Course details:

  • Module 1 will cover the features and benefits of the DX product and associated modules and accessories. This is a non technical introduction to demonstrate the capabilities and features of the system to an installer.
  • Module 2 will be an interactive powerpoint training module where contractors are encouraged to follow along a with a purchased system (optional). The aim of this module is to introduce installers to the board layout, access to programming, to programming format and setup of common features.

User Requirements:

It is recommended all attending installers have a working knowledge (or security qualifications) as no security standard topics or install practice information will be covered.

Users will also require a flat head screwdriver, if they are to setup a panel for following the technical demonstration.

Cost Options:

  • Option 1:
    Purchase a NESS Kit with the recommended equipment for Installers and receive Intro Training Course FREE. Kit includes:
    - D8 Panel
    - Navigator Keypad
    - 101-013 Relay Board
    Cost - $254.77 +gst
  • Option 2:
    Course fee only - $50

Class sizes limited to max 10 participants.
Course Non-Refundable, alternate course dates will be provided if required
Lunch & Training manual provided.

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- Participants billed through existing Middy's trading account.