Energy Smart Solutions

There are many energy efficient products available on the market but do you know which products provide you with the greatest energy saving benefit?

Well we do! Middy's Energy Smart has been setup to provide you with all the product knowledge and advice you need to ensure you are installing the latest and most energy efficient products available in the market. Our specialized staff work with reputable brands giving you piece of mind that you will not only achieve your energy saving goals but your products are backed up by warranties from trusted brands.

Benefits of energy efficiency:

  • Direct reduction on energy bills
  • Proactively helping the environment
  • Protect against future rising electricity costs
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Sell excess power back to the grid
  • Minimal cost outlay utilising government small-scale technology certificates

We offer FREE 'Energy Smart Audits' for commercial and industrial premises that will provide an estimated return on investment. If you would like one of our Energy Smart Reps to conduct an audit for you, please complete our Energy Smart Checklist.

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Energy Smart Checklist

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