Energy Management

While traditionally, energy management has been focused on commercial buildings, today’s larger homes and greater use of lighting, heating, and air-conditioning, means it has applications right across the building spectrum.

Significant energy and cost savings can result from the automation of these systems and payback times are usually in the range of 2 – 3 years. Additional savings are also yielded from reduced maintenance costs due to the reduced running time of the equipment.

To reduce energy consumption, Middy’s can provide:

  • Sensors to detect presence and turn off lighting and heating when an area is unoccupied
  • Scheduling to switch off loads at set times
  • Light level measurement to control and match the lighting to suit the space conditions by either dimming or turning lights on & off
  • Integration of lighting, heating, and security / access control to automatically shut down or turn on loads, dependent on whether an area is occupied
  • Climate Control to ensure heating & cooling systems supply only what is needed
  • Voltage Reduction controllers fitted to lighting circuits to reduce running current
  • Monitoring devices to help identify periods of peak hour activity that may be able to be reduced

Automation functions are especially effective at saving energy, as they are never too busy to turn off the load when it is not needed! Override and centralised control can also be built in to suit the customer’s requirements.

Middy’s offer a range of software platforms that can provide a graphical user interface with powerful centralised control and scheduling ability. Software is available for both commercial and residential installations and may be used for full time control or just for programming purposes. The majority of these can also be used on your own smart device.

Interested in discussing an energy management solution? We'd love to talk.