Home Security

Can you ever have enough security to protect your home and family?

The answer is of course NO but at Middy’s Technologies we will provide you with the most effective protection solution to suit your budget giving you piece of mind every time you leave your home unattended.

We offer a wide range of security solutions to suit many different lifestyles and home layouts.

Alarm Systems

Alarms systems are extremely high tech these days offering you greater flexibility in how you monitor and protect your home.

Our specialist will take you through the many options to suit your home; from stand alone to monitored systems, intruder and movement detection, right through to fire and smoke monitoring systems.

Every alarm system should be customised to your home or building layout ensuring you the greatest coverage and protection.

Closed circuit TV (CCTV)

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are increasingly popular with homeowners. They can be hidden from view or made obvious for a visual deterrent. They can make it easy to see and record the area at the front door, the swimming pool, the backyard, the driveway or the baby’s room. The images can be viewed on a dedicated monitor, or connected to the TV system to allow viewing on a TV or recording to your VCR.

Video Intercoms

Video Intercoms are the solution to CCTV camera security where two-way communication is required. Even door release buttons can be added!

Middy’s Technologies Smart Centre’s offer systems that also feed video pictures to a TV or smart device for added convenience and also signal the home automation system which can flash lights to bring the caller to your attention.

Access Control

Access Control is often controlled by a security alarm system, although stand-alone systems are available. When integrated to home automation, they add convenience and ease of use. In a commercial environment, they can offer greater security, ability to control and monitor who is in a building at any time, as well as help ensure health and safety. Most systems will log the users, so their entry and exit times can be tracked which, can be useful both for security and for attendance / hours of work calculations.

Interested in discussing a home security solution? We'd love to talk.